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Rob Gemmell

Posted on Apr 16, 2018

Rob Gemmell

Rob Gemmell | Principal at Addwater Marketing

My associates and I help business owners elevate their firms from average to awesome.

I’ve combined my experiences as Creative Director at Apple, entrepreneur and consultant to over 100 businesses into a hands-on consulting and coaching practice. The common objective across all clients: Attracting and keeping high-profit customers and clients. —And doing so with less effort and uncertainty.
Addwater’s local clients include: businesses and startups in lifestyle-tech, professional services, financial and real estate services, tourism, wine, lighting, home furnishings, retail and social media.
Large clients include: Apple, Enjoy, Wells Fargo, Sun Microsystems, McDonald’s, HP, Xerox, Sony, Martha Stewart, Ameriprise and TV Guide Online.
The consulting side of Addwater provides strategic product and service planning through design, marketing strategy and related marketing and sales tactics. This includes positioning, branding, website and app design, collateral materials, packaging, event marketing and retail environment design.|
Our coaching program trains business owners to think like Apple does. A series of learning and doing steps teaches client and customer empathy, then, how to focus like Apple does on doing fewer things, doing them better and generating higher profits.

To learn more go to or contact me directly. | 855 481 1770