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laura gomez | Owner poetic beauty

Laura Gomez, owner of Poetic Beauty ,is a Dean’s List Esthetics graduate from Paul Mitchell the School with Honors in Skin & Makeup. She’s a Certified Holistic Skin Therapist passionate about beauty and health and the endless knowledge that comes with it. 

At Poetic Beauty she offers the safest and most effective treatments to achieve beautiful skin. She offers natural skin care products, facial treatments and business practices based on a “holistic” philosophy. Her clean and safe skin care products and non-invasive treatments are based on an understanding of the way skin works and its relationship with overall health, the goal being skin that is balanced and beautiful from the inside out. Laura believes in both the ART and SCIENCE of treating your SKIN.

Aside from empowering women through confidence and beautiful skin, Laura is also a passionate representative of Beautycounter. A beauty line dedicated to change the cosmetics reform. Since joining BC, Laura has had the opportunity to meet with Mike Thompson’s Rep Maira Ayala for regulations on toxins in our skincare and beauty products. After being a victim of toxin overload and experiencing the benefits of natural therapies first-hand; Laura is determined to educate, empower and continue to lobby with congress for more health protective laws.